Our Mommies

Our mommies (dams) are all spoiled here in our home and have the sweetest temperaments!
They are fed a raw homemade diet to keep them healthy to produce strong and healthy babies!
All of our dogs are genetically health tested to ensure healthy pairings for perfect babies!
Our imported girls are kaninchens, which means rabbit in German. This classification means they are 8 lb. and under. Our American line dams are all classified as miniatures being 8 ~ 9.5 lb.

Princess “MarySue”

AKC Red Sable Longhair – 9 lb.

MarySue is more than a princess, she’s our little Queen of the house! She’s beautiful and knows it! She has a gorgeous shiny plush Sable coat and perfect structure!
She is most definitely top mama here!!
She’s mama to Rachel, MaryBeth, and Rosemary!
… and grandmother to SweetPea!

Carries: Cream and Piebald

There Rings A “Melody”

AKC Black & Cream Dapple Longhair – 9 lb.

Melody is a sweet and beautiful 2nd Generation Little Paws girl!
She’s one of our sweet Miriam’s babies, and is absolutely stunning!
She’s a perfect dapple!

Carries: Chocolate and Piebald

One In A Millyon

AKC Blue & Cream Silky Wirehair – 7 lb.

Milly is not only stunningly beautiful, but she’s our fun and energetic little girl!
Our sweet clown of the house… πŸ™‚
She loves spending her days with Dad in his office and snuggling with Mom!

Carries: Chocolate and Piebald

Lovely “Rachel”

AKC Black & Tan Piebald Longhair – 7.5 lb.

Rachel is a gorgeous 2nd Generation Little Paws baby!
She is very loyal and loving like her mama, MarySue, and she absolutely adores children! πŸ™‚

Carries: Sable and Chocolate

Joyful “Joanna”

AKC Chocolate-Based Cream Dapple Smooth – 7.5 lb.

Joanna is a very small petite girl who loves attention and is a great cuddler!
She is super sweet and very laid back!

Carries: Chocolate

There Is A Calm “Galina”

AKC Shaded Red Longhair – 9 lb.

Galina is from AKC Champion parents and is 50% Russian!
She has a wonderful sweet temperament and loves everyone!
She’s mama to Little Paws SweetPea!

Littl Fut Yesenia

FCI Chocolate & Tan Dapple Longhair – 8 lb.

Natasha is happy to be in our home all the way from Russia! She fits right in and is truly a sweetheart.
She is a very happy girl, always smiling and wagging her beautiful tail!

Amazing Grace

AKC Shaded Cream Piebald Longhair – 7 lb.

Gracie is a 4th Generation Little Paws baby! She’s our Molly’s sweet granddaughter.
She is super sweet and tags right along playing and cuddling here with her retired grandma! πŸ™‚


AKC Blue-Based Red Dapple Longhair 10 lb.

Sweet Pea is a 3rd Generation Little Paws baby and also part Russian! Her parents are Joey and Galina, and her grandparents are AKC Champions.
She’s super sweet as her name implies, and she’s also very smart and energetic!
She loves to play fetch!

Carries: Dilute

Princess “MaryBeth”

AKC Red Sable Longhair – 8 lb.

MaryBeth is our first little Princess from Madog – our Russian import and MarySue!!
Super sweet and stunning, just like her mama!!
She is a goofy little girl and her favorite thing to do is to jump right into your arms for a big hug!

MaryBeth is a 2nd Generation Little Paws baby

Carries: Piebald and Dilute

Littl Fut Derry

FCI Black & Cream Dapple Longhair

This beautiful girl loves everyone!
We’re happy to add her to our family all the way from Russia! She’s fitting right in!!
She’s a very sweet girl and mild mannered.

Princess “Rosemary”

AKC Shaded Cream Longhair

Rosemary is our newest addition from our Elijah and MarySue!
She’s a 2nd Generation Little Paws baby.
She’s as calm and sweet as her daddy!
We’re excited to see this sweet girl grow!!

Carries: Sable

Even a little Aussie! Yes, we’ve added little “Rose” to our household of doxies! Everyone has come to enjoy her energetic sweet temperament, even all of our dogs! She was a special gift to my husband for his birthday this year! Long story short, he had a teacup Aussie years ago that he adored! She’s a very tiny, loving, and smart girl!! We have no plans to breed her at this time, but that could change. πŸ˜‰


ASDR Blue Merle – Blue Eyes

Rose is our newest addition to our family and home!
She’s a toy size and expected to grow to 6 – 8 lb.
She’s been a joy to our household, and definitely added some new energy!
We’re excited to see her future with us!